Evans Real Estate, an international real estate investment boutique, provides a full range of real estate investment, brokerage and relocation services to the US and international customers. We work in residential and commercial real estate assisting with purchase, sale, lease, relocation and property management in New York City. Our special focus is international real estate investments in New York. Over the years of successful operation in the international market we acquired an extensive experience of assisting international investors, raising the level and quality of our service above your highest expectations.

Finding your way around Manhattan is very easy because there is a very clear idea behind the city’s layout of streets and avenues.  It is often said that New York is a city of multiple personalities. All neighborhoods bear strikingly different characteristics , which contribute to the varying lifestyles of their residents. When renting your first Manhattan apartment or buying real property here, you will feel the most comfortable if you find the neighborhood that matches your own personality and lifestyle.