Find a Neighborhood to Match Your Lifestyle


Finding your way around Manhattan is very easy because there is a very clear idea behind the city’s layout of streets and avenues. With the exception of Lower Manhattan (below 14th Street), which was inhabited and developed before the rest of the city, you’ll see that streets are numbered and run from East to West. Avenues run from North to South and are marked with numbers or letters. Some avenues also have names, which are easy to remember: Park, Lexington, Madison, Broadway, Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue), Varick St. (7th), Central Park West (8th), Columbus (9th avenue), and Amsterdam (10th). It is often said that New York is a city of multiple personalities. All neighborhoods bear strikingly different characteristics , which contribute to the varying lifestyles of their residents. When renting your first Manhattan apartment or buying real property here, you will feel the most comfortable if you find the neighborhood that matches your own personality and lifestyle.