Property Management Services

Managing your real estate investment can turn into a part or even a full time job. It might be especially challenging, if the property is far from you home. To make sure your investment is successful and doesn’t take too much of your time while performing at its best, we offer Property Management service for a minimal fee. You can use all of the services we offer or only the ones that work best for you.

Taking care of your bills

Every real estate owner in New York has to pay a number of monthly bills, which include common charges (payment for the building maintenance, garbage removal and similar services) and real estate tax. Moreover, these payments can be adjusted every year. If the apartment is not rented out and there is no tenant to take care of other standard services, such as electricity, cable and internet access, there are more bills to pay and more providers to deal with and make sure you are not over-billed for services provided. We at Evans will gladly take care of this hassle on your behalf for a minimal fee.

Finding a great tenant

Making sure your investment is always producing income is our main goal. We will do our best to perform a thorough market research and price your apartment at market, to find a fine balance between highest achievable rental price and constant occupancy. Once the apartment is placed on the market, we will carefully evaluate all potential tenants to make sure you get the most reliable and trustworthy tenant for your property.

Rent collection and tenant support

Once the tenant is selected, we will help them make the move-in in accordance with the building’s policies. We can sign the lease on your behalf and will oversee timely rent payments. More over, the tenant usually has questions and issues and often needs assistance during the lease period. We will be the contact point for your tenant, facilitating his or her interaction with building management and other service providers.

Lease termination and move-out inspection

When the lease is expiring, we will inspect the apartment on your behalf to make sure the property has suffered no damage. We will also start marketing early to get the new tenant in as soon as possible and bring the vacancy period to the minimum.

Please contact us for more information for fees and details about our property management services.