After interviewing several real estate agents to represent the rental of my apartment at the Cocoa Exchange, 1 Wall St. Court, NY, NY, I made the decision to allow Maria to initiate showing the unit earlier in the year. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Maria in person. Our conversations have taken place over the phone, email, text and WhatsApp. Her professionalism should be noted. After arranging to photograph and list my apt. for rent, we soon had a renter. I was very pleased with her communication and follow up.I then decided to sell my apt. Of course, I listed it through Maria. Again, I was very pleased with her professionalism throughout the process. After multiple showing and offers, a buyer was cultivated and my unit closed 6/29. Her follow up throughout the process was outstanding both with myself and my attorney here in NJ. She made herself available during the entire process, part of which I was away for the month of May. I have bought and sold many properties in the past 20 years. This is the first letter I have written commending a real estate agent. From a Seller's perspective, it was a pleasure dealing with someone who embraces their profession.I look forward to possibly being on the Buyers side with Maria in the future.
Best regards,

Stephen Swiderski


Now that we have committed to a purchase I’d like your agreement to use the name of Maria Pogarskaya in an independent review, and if it’s okay with you, I’d like to know if there is anywhere in particular you’d like to see your name mentioned in highly positive terms.
To be honest, from the very beginning (which was cold-call enquiries to a dozen or so real estate brokers) I encountered nothing but uninterested, lazy responses from the few brokers, lawyers and accountants that bothered to respond at all, with the sole exception of yourself. Perhaps the sum of money involved was too small to interest them, but I made it clear this could end up being a “trial run” for larger potential investment. For obvious reasons, I won’t be mentioning any names of the bad ones :)
Your own response was at the other end of the spectrum; highly personalised service, and prompt thorough responses (despite the 11 hour time difference that made me wonder whether you ever take the time to sleep). When you took a day of your busy schedule to show us around, your level of interest on our behalf and depth of insight into the various options available went far beyond anything I expected. I want people to know they do not have to accept the mediocre norm, since there are great people out there for the buyers if you know where to look – not just for the sellers.

Regards, David Cook


I had the pleasure of having Maria Pogarskaya as my real estate broker and I’d like to say a few words about the great experience. From the start, Maria was very professional and hard working, she was very good in helping me understand my options and also spend a lot of time showing me many places at the time that was convenient to me. I am now a home owner in the difficult NYC market and I feel really lucky about how smooth the process has been. Overall my experience was extremely pleasant and I would highly recommend her and your agency to my friends.

Alex Aleshinskiy


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Maria Pogarskaya who was our broker for the purchase of New York apartment. Maria is very easy and pleasant to communicate and get along with. She has elephant patience and super positive attitude. She was fully dedicated to find us our perfect apartment and was readily available at any time. In addition to having great personality, Maria has unparalleled professionalism. She is knowledgeable and organized. We felt she truly represented OUR interests every minute of the process. She always gave her honest opinion; kept on top of every issue; explained, anticipated and brought issues to our attention and answered every question (regardless if it would benefit her or not). She was always ready to discuss, listen and provide support. She would go above and beyond her direct responsibilities as a broker to help with any issues that arose. Most of all she would never misrepresent or give you wrong or incomplete information. Her advice and expertise were vital and saved us money at multiple points from price negotiations to contract signing to obtaining mortgage. Being first time buyers we could not have asked for a more professional, responsible and dedicated broker. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone who considers buying a property in New York. Thanks Maria!



Many thanks to Maria. It has been very comfotable to work with Maria when I’ve been looking for and buying a condo for my daughter. She has been recommended to me by my friends from REMAX Canada. She is very professional, intellegent, polite and helpful. It took us more than three months to choose, estimate and buy a condo and all the tasks she has done perfectly. She is very patient and most important she very quickly understood what we been looking for and offered us what we been needed. My daughter is happy in new condo in Bushwick and so we are. Many thanks Maria. Good luck. God bless you. Nikolajs and Zanna Samodurovi.

Nikolaj and Zanna Samodurovi