Sabrina Saneaux

Having spend her childhood and formative years in Latin America and Europe, Sabrina eventually found her niche in New York City and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology were she obtained a degree in Fine Arts. Sabrina's background in the Arts has allowed her to gain experience in a wide range of fields, from design to education and the non-profit sector. Having a foundation in arts has given her, among other things, an edge in her appreciation for architecture and space, which is visible in her enthusiasm for real state. A multicultural formation coupled with a passion for travel gives Sabrina a perspective of the world that allows her to interact with the international clientele with ease. A key aspect that puts her on the forefront of the industry is her knowledge of several languages, which sets her in a position to cater to the needs of international clients looking to establish residency or investments in New York city. Sabrina's personality, essential in the real estate business, is her integrity; truly an individual were one can place trust with no hesitation. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and German.



From the beginning we felt that our inquiries where taken seriously. We received our initial listings by email and they were subsequently discussed by telephone. You informed us in detail about the process of the real estate market. The differences to the German market and “ mentality “ where clearly explained so that we could gain good insight . In addition, you facilitated our contact with the lenders and supported us by phone /email.
Once in NYC, we felt welcomed. Although we found the city overwhelming, you made us feel at ease. After we began searching for property, it was clear that our best interests where represented:. the owners were questioned properly , all the “fine prints” discussed. And finally you have found us the work space we had “ dreamed of’ in Brooklyn. The real estate agency was not only limited to the property visit. You’ve helped us to make contact with the banks, which was very helpful in getting started.
The negotiations with a German speaking agent on the side has given us confidence and a piece of home . We will work on any event in the future with your company, whether it is to purchase a home (it’s in the near future ) or retail space ( in the distant future ) . Thank you, Sabrina.

Emmy Nguyen
The services by Evans Real Estate Investments was very efficient.We urgently needed to rent an apartment and we quickly found something that suited our needs. Especially diligent and helpful was our agent Sabrina Saneaux.
— Carlos Macia