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Sales in The City, Residency NY, April, 2014

New York City is surely a melting pot and atracts buyers from all over the world. This diversity makes it an even hotter commodity. According to Bloomberg, "Wealthy foreigners have bought high-end U.S. properties for their safety and because they're denominated in dollars, the world's reserve currency," said Mitchell Roschelle, real estate advisory leader at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. We interviewed five top NYC real estate experts, each with extensive experience working with aforementioned foreign investors, about the NYC foreign investment market and what it means for NYC sellers.

Breaking a stereotype: a neighborhood Real Estate visionary, Manhattan Dialogue, March 2014

In the world of real estate, populated by thousands of young and not-so-young men and women in polished suits with beeping phones and ipads, Karina Sagiev, the founding partner of Evans Real Estate Investments is a pleasant surprise. She exudes an air of a congenial hostess, graceful and unassuming, despite the Ivy-League degree on her wall, and the very impressive multi-million-dollar deals she has been closing internationally and throughout New York. She speaks softly and meets your gaze with inquisitiveness and eagerness. She is not rushing you. Sagiev is studying you to learn more about the person that you are, your needs, and aspirations, all of which is very useful information for realtor to have when one is looking for a new home or an investment property.

Real Estate Weekly, March 26, 2014

The Asian Real Estate Professional Association (AREPA) hosted an event at Law offices of Herrick, Feinstein LLP. Mitchell Meyer, president of TDC Development, spoke about the 1.2 million square feet Flushing Commons Project being co-developed with the Rockefeller Group Development. Pictured l-r: Lou Pelmutter, GCP Capital; Candice Wang, Evans Real Estate; David Chen, Status Partners; David Lee, Milestone Construction; Gary Limjuco; Vivan Martinez, Marks Paneth LLP; Peter Wu, Eastbrook Real Estate Group; Michael Meyer; Tony Huang, The Heights Real Estate Company; Daniel Tang, Situs Partners; Christina Ying, Herrick, Feinstein; Tang Fan, Chase Commercial Real Estate; and Patrick Yu, The Yu law Firm, P.C. For membership information about AREPA visit www.arepainc.org

Foreign Buyers of New York Real Estate Want These Amenities, The Main street, March 11, 2014

"Russians like to negotiate, but in a seller's market in New York City it's almost impossible to negotiate and buyers sometimes have to pay over the asking price," said Karina Sagiev, founder and managing partner of Evans Real Estate Investments . "We sit them down and go over the challenges before they even see properties and inform them that they may face competitive situations."

New-built Times Square real estate is increasingly popular, The Real Deal, January 19, 2014

Listing prices for apartments in new condo buildings in Times Square generally range between $1,500 a square foot and $1,700 a square foot, compared to around $2,200 a square foot for new developments in the West Village, and $1,900 a square foot on the Upper East Side. “There’s really not much of a discount considering the fact that it’s not in a prime [residential] location,” Karina Sagiev, founder of Evans Real Estate Investments , said.

More Try Living at the Crossroads of the World, The Wall Street Journal, January 17, 2014

"Foreign buyers…tend to really appreciate and like the areas that are iconic to them, that they have images of when they're thinking of New York, and Times Square is one of them," says Karina Sagiev, founder of Evans Real Estate Investments .. "And I think the main attraction is proximity to everything."

Russian expat wants to get to know neighbors, Real Estate Weekly, January 6, 2014

Many New York brokers made it into real estate by chance or changing personal fortunes. For Karina Sagiev, it took nothing less than the collapse of an empire. Born in 1973, Sagiev grew up in Soviet Moscow — 8,000 miles and a world apart from the shiny heights of Manhattan real estate. In the capital of fixed prices, (legal) entrepreneurship was an impossibility and brokers about as common as palm trees.

Evans Real Estate Investments celebrates grand opening, Mann Report Residential, January 2014

Evans Real Estate Investments, a full-service international residential and commercial real estate brokerage firm specializing in assisting foreign investors, celebrated the grand opening of it's new Lincoln Square office. The firm hosted more than 200 guests, who explored the facilities and enjoyed food and wine; a permanent art display featuring Yeva Dashevsky's close-up photographs of Manhattan architecture; a ribbon-cutting ceremony; and entertainment by DJ MAC - an antique phonograph DJ who plays vintage records from early 20th century. There was also a children's room with Halloween-themed arts and crafts. Karina Sagiev's, Managing Partner of Evans Real Estate Investments vision is to cultivate a firm that targets all the major international markets and assists buyers and investors from all over the world with all sides of real estate transactions

Evans Real Estate Investments holiday party, The Real Deal, December 09, 2013

Evans Real Estate Investments hosts a holiday party this Thursday evening from 6:30 until 9:30 p.m. The event will feature a live jazz performance and an art exhibit. The venue is located at 243 West 60th Street, between West End and Amsterdam avenues.

Grand Opening Party, Real Estate Weekly, November 27, 2013

"As true buyer's agents we wanted to introduce Evans Real Estate Investments to the Upper West Side neighborhood with our version of a house-warming party" said Karina Sagiev, managing partner of Evans Real Estate Investments, as she cut the ribbon to officially open the firm's new Lincoln Center office. More than 100 guests explored the facilities, enjoyed food and wine, a permanent art display featuring Yeva Dashevsky's close-up photographs of Manhattan architecture, and entertainment by DJ MAC - an antique phonograph DJ who plays vintage records from early 20th century.

Идеальное убежище: Журналисты разбирались, чем так важен Нью-Йорк. Телеканал Интер. Подробности за неделю, 10 Ноября 2013

Карина сегодня - один из самых востребованных риелторов города. Ведь подбирает апартаменты для русскоязычных покупателей. Каждая минута расписана, сейчас просто бум продаж. И у нее своя версия, почему Нью-Йорк так важен. Мол, город - просто рай для инвестиций.

Longtime wannabe UES townhouse-flipper lists mansion for $19.9M, with option to rent, The Real Deal, February 09, 2012

The four-story, 115-year-old townhouse at the corner of Madison Avenue, which currently has a residential tenant in place, will be available as a rental from June, said listing broker Karina Kheifetz-Sagiev of Evans Real Estate , when the tenant moves out.

Передача "Действительно правда". ТВ канал NRJ12 (Франция). Декабрь 2009.

Большое яблоко - Большое дело? Il Mondo, 7 марта 2008.

В последние месяцы экспоненциально увеличивается количество итальянцев, приобретающих недвижимость в Манхэттене и Майями, с целью сдавать ее в аренду.

Нью-йоркские брокеры строят взаимоотношения с Европой. The New York Sun. 15 ноября, 2007

Благодаря тому, что покупатели из-за рубежа поддерживают высокий спрос к нью-йоркской недвижимости, а рынок в этом городе представляет собой исключение по сравнению с ухудшающейся ситуацией в других регионах США, брокерские фирмы Нью-Йорка выходят на международные рынки, выставляя предложения на европейских ярмарках недвижимости, размещая рекламу с зарубежных публикациях и делая все, чтобы привлечь еще больше иностранного капитала в Нью-Йорк.

Московские цены сравнялись с нью-йоркскими! Метро. Нью-Йорк. Август, 2007

Среди русскоязычных ньюйоркцев много москвичей. Одни приехали навсегда, продав квартиры, другие, сохраняя двойное гражданство, продолжают "тянуть резину", пытаясь сдавать в аренду московское жилье. Есть и такие, которые окончательно решаются продать собственность и перевести деньги в Америку или другую страну. Так получается, что они обращаются за советом ко мне как ведущему радио рубрики "С Америкой на ТЫ" и автору одноименной книги. Вопрос один и тот же: как продать недвижимость в Москве? Нужен ли агент? Как перевести деньги из России? Чтобы ответ был профессионально выверен, я обратился к Карине Хейфец в компанию "Эванс" и переадресовал ей самые типичные вопросы.

The New York Times, 14 Февраля 2007 года. Московский рынок на подъеме

Карина Хейфец, одна из двух управляющих партнеров Эванс:

Нестабильный политический и инвестиционный климат в России может повлечь некоторое снижение спроса на недвижимость в Москве в будущем, но потребуется существенное изменение структуры предложения и спроса чтобы цены значительно упали, Карина Хейфец написала по электронной почте из Нью-Йорка, где Эванс только что открыл офис в Сохо...

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