Mara Baldissoni

Mara Baldissoni is a dynamic professional who brings a wealth of international experience to New York real estate. Her positive, sunny outlook makes her a pleasure to work with in looking for a home, and her tenacity and negotiation skills ensure that deals get made with efficiency. Mara is committed to honesty and takes a straightforward approach. She devotes herself to customer service. Growing up overseas and living in a number of countries has given Mara a great insight into people. She is open to others, knowing that everyone is different, which helps her in understanding the needs of her customers and clients. Her skills have been developed through a successful business career in language translation and the hospitality industry. During that time she lived in such far-flung spots as the Dominican Republic, Spain, Zanzibar, Canary Islands, Ibiza and Mexico. Learning about different cultures widened her sense of curiousity and her joy of life, which is infectious. Working in a managerial capacity, she sharpened her people and negotiating skills, learning how to overcome objections and work toward closing her deals. Mara lives with her husband, and is, as she says, in love with life and with this unique, spectacular city. She speaks Italian, Spanish, English, French and some Russian. Her interests include sports and every form of art, including fashion and furniture.